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Building information modelling

Building Information modelling (BIM) – new approach to construction and maintenance.

Construction cost analysis

If the construction budget is reaching over the expected, Ltd. "ALTCON" will help you to find a way to reduce costs in the same time without loosing the projects' quality. We offer to scrutinize position that are in the technical project as well as those that are in interior design project.  

Interior design planning

Usually when purchasing real estate, concentration is more to the visual aspect of the estate without analysing in depth construction and building services. Ltd. "ALTCON" offers not only a new interior design to your real estate but as well detail existing interior project or find an interior designer that would fit all requirements.  

Latest projects

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Co-ordination of design development
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Reconstruction design development project managament
Liepaja Concert Hall "Great Amber" :
Liepaja Concert Hall. Author’s supervision team management and coordination services