Building information modelling

Building Information modelling (BIM) – new approach to construction and maintenance.

BIM – creation of 3D prototype during design process to reduce construction expenses and risks, in the same time enabling the possibility to use the model for maintenance. The 3D model converts to 2D drawings for printouts and handing in to authorities.

BIM is widely used in design and construction processes in the whole world. From 2016 in United Kingdom, all big scale construction projects have to be carried out as BIM projects.

In the case of BIM, there are no extra expenses on designing, control of design process and construction is much easier.

By using smart building information models, amount of design errors in construction phase is reduced by at least 30%.

One of the main advantages of BIM is that Client gains a clear idea on visual appearance of the building and its functionality.

In projects where BIM is used, we can see substantial raise in effectiveness of work of construction site manager and building supervisor.